Who we are?




The Boss



So a little about Todd and how Zooks Vapor came to be one of the first vendors in the Mid South area back in 2013. We’re by no means the “new kid on the block”. Some may not have found us yet due to our word of mouth advertising, but we were actually one of the first two vendors in the Memphis area to provide any true level of vaping selections. Many have jumped on the store bandwagon since, but we certainly helped pave the road for those wagons to travel!

Now as far as vaping was concerned, this was something I chose for me first. I’m a regular person just like all of you, simple as that. I didn’t just take out a loan and try to push a product to make some money. It is what I use and believe in to this very day. I was a 2 pack a day smoker of 21 years (now more than 3 years cigarette free) and I’m no longer bound by those tar stained chains of analog cigarettes. The last cigarette to even touch my lips was on April 29th, 2012 (Times flies when you’re having fun!) After talking to so many interested people along the way who were curious and full of questions, I decided it was time we had a solid presence in the Greater Memphis Metro area that provided more choices to what was truly out there and available. It was time! My risk and leap paid off as we are now known as one of the premier shops in the Memphis area filled with some of the most amazing customers around that helped make that happen.

We are very happy to offer you your vaping needs at honestly the cheapest and most fair prices in town with the absolute largest variety you will run into (seriously, shop around and compare first!) We are always here to explain, be a helping hand and to lend any advice or support!

We have grown quite a bit in a very short time and don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. So come by and check out our huge selection that caters to the first time beginner to the advanced hobbyist. We also promise that we will always recommend what we think is the best setup for you based on NEED and NOT the price of the items. We offer a full tasting bar so you can always sample your flavors first, a lounge for you to relax in and chat as well as a full size pool table for a friendly game of pool. We even have a dedicated build room for the advanced users. We truly want you to feel at home at Zooks!

So if you’re new or just haven’t yet found us, come on by and visit Bartlett’s best kept secret and join the Zooks nation! As always, continue to spread the fever and support tobacco harm reduction!