1: Simone Biles returns to training after Tokyo 2020 with renewed focus and determination.

2: Fans eagerly await Biles' comeback as she showcases her incredible skills in the gym.

3: Biles impresses with her signature moves and flawless execution during practice sessions.

4: The gymnastics world is in awe as Biles effortlessly nails her routines post-Olympics.

5: Biles' dedication and passion shine through as she prepares for future competitions.

6: Training footage captures Biles' strength and agility as she pushes herself to new heights.

7: Biles' journey back to the gym inspires young athletes to never give up on their dreams.

8: With each practice session, Biles proves why she is considered the GOAT of gymnastics.

9: Stay tuned for more updates on Simone Biles' inspiring post-Tokyo training journey.