1: Soy-Garlic Glaze Perfect combination of salty and sweet flavors for a mouthwatering experience.

2: Spicy Honey Mustard Kick up the heat with this zesty blend of honey and mustard for a fiery kick.

3: Buffalo Ranch Creamy ranch meets spicy buffalo sauce for a flavor explosion that can't be beat.

4: Lemon Pepper Bright and zesty citrus paired with savory pepper for a refreshing twist on traditional wings.

5: Asian Sesame Soy sauce and toasted sesame oil create a rich and savory sauce with a hint of sweetness.

6: BBQ Bourbon Sweet and smoky BBQ sauce mixed with rich bourbon for a decadent and flavorful finish.

7: Mango Habanero Sweet mango and spicy habanero peppers combine for a tropical kick with a fiery punch.

8: Garlic Parmesan Rich and creamy Parmesan cheese blended with garlic for a classic and comforting flavor.

9: Jerk Seasoning Bold and spicy blend of Scotch bonnet peppers, allspice, and thyme for a Caribbean-inspired twist.