1: Want to score big at garage sales? Learn TopSecret tips to spot rare coins in this guide.

2: Look for vintage markings, unusual designs, or limited mintages, hinting at valuable finds.

3: Knowledge is key. Research coins, keep a checklist, and stay updated on market trends.

4: Bring a magnifying glass to inspect coins for wear, errors, or mint marks.

5: Be cautious of counterfeit coins. Look for weight, composition, and edge markings.

6: Build relationships with sellers. Ask about coin histories and inquire about new arrivals.

7: Network with other collectors to share tips, trade coins, and stay informed on the market.

8: Stay patient and persistent. Rare coins may be hiding in plain sight at garage sales.

9: Leave no stone unturned. With these TopSecret tips, you'll be well on your way to scoring big with your rare coin finds.