1: 1. Simone Biles trained with the US team post-Tokyo 2020. 2. She amazed fans with new skills and determination. 3. Biles continues to break records and inspire others.

2: 1. The US team trained together for upcoming competitions. 2. Biles showed resilience and strength in her routines. 3. Fans were surprised by Biles' dedication and hard work.

3: 1. Biles shared insights into her training post-Tokyo 2020. 2. She pushed boundaries and challenged herself in practice. 3. Biles' commitment to excellence is unmatched by competitors.

4: 1. The US team's training sessions were intense and focused. 2. Biles demonstrated grace and power in every routine. 3. Fans were in awe of Biles' talent and skill level.

5: 1. Biles' dedication to her craft is evident in her training. 2. She continues to push the boundaries of gymnastics. 3. Biles' workouts are proof of her relentless pursuit of excellence.

6: 1. The US team's post-Tokyo training highlighted teamwork and unity. 2. Biles' leadership on and off the mat inspires her teammates. 3. Fans are captivated by Biles' work ethic and determination.

7: 1. Biles' training regimen post-Tokyo showcases her relentless drive. 2. She is determined to leave a lasting legacy in gymnastics. 3. Fans are amazed by Biles' strength and resilience in practice.

8: 1. The US team's training post-Tokyo focused on perfecting routines. 2. Biles continues to set the standard for excellence in gymnastics. 3. Fans eagerly anticipate Biles' return to competition.

9: 1. Biles' post-Tokyo training reveals her passion for the sport. 2. She is a role model for aspiring gymnasts around the world. 3. Biles' journey post-Tokyo is a testament to her dedication and perseverance.