1: Tangy BBQ with Blue Cheese Pair smoky BBQ wings with creamy blue cheese for a flavor explosion.

2: Spicy Sriracha with Honey Kick up the heat with Sriracha and sweet honey for a zesty dip.

3: Garlic Parmesan with Ranch Indulge in the rich flavors of garlic Parmesan paired with cool ranch.

4: Sweet Chili with Peanut Sauce Balance sweet and spicy with tangy sweet chili and creamy peanut sauce.

5: Buffalo with Maple Syrup Try a sweet twist on classic Buffalo wings with drizzled maple syrup.

6: Mango Habanero with Lime Add a tropical flair with fiery mango habanero and zesty lime.

7: Jalapeno Jelly with Cream Cheese Spice things up with a unique combo of jalapeno jelly and creamy cheese.

8: Mustard BBQ with Dill Pickle Upgrade your chicken wings with tangy mustard BBQ and crunchy dill pickles.

9: Teriyaki with Wasabi Experience the bold flavors of teriyaki wings paired with spicy wasabi.