1: "Spooky Sliders: Mini burgers topped with jack-o'-lantern cheese slices."

2: "Monster Mash Guacamole: Spooky avocado dip with ghost-shaped tortilla chips."

3: "Witch's Brew Punch: Green-colored drink with gummy worm garnish."

4: "Spiderweb Pizza: Cheese pizza with web-shaped black olive slices."

5: "Brain Cupcakes: Strawberry-filled desserts with pink frosting."

6: "Mummy Hot Dogs: Wrapped in crescent roll dough for a spooky look."

7: "Candy Corn Jello Shots: Layered orange, yellow, and white vodka treats."

8: "Stuffed Pepper Pumpkins: Bell peppers filled with rice and veggies."

9: "Ghostly Marshmallow Pops: Chocolate-dipped treats with candy eyes."