1: "Fans shocked by Blue Bloods ending news. Tom Selleck and CBS confirm Season 14 will be the last. Read statement."

2: "Long-running drama Blue Bloods to conclude after Season 14. Tom Selleck reflects on the show's success. CBS addresses decision."

3: "Blue Bloods finale announced by CBS. Tom Selleck expresses gratitude to cast and crew. Fans share mixed emotions."

4: "Tom Selleck confirms Blue Bloods ending after Season 14. CBS issues official statement on show's conclusion. Fans react online."

5: "Goodbye, Blue Bloods: Tom Selleck and CBS bid farewell to beloved series. Season 14 to be the show's final chapter."

6: "Blue Bloods to end with Season 14, confirms Tom Selleck. CBS releases statement on show's conclusion. Fans prepare for the finale."

7: "Tom Selleck announces Blue Bloods ending after Season 14. CBS thanks fans for their support. Farewell to the Reagan family."

8: "End of an era: Blue Bloods to conclude with Season 14. Tom Selleck shares memories from the set. CBS addresses fan reactions."

9: "Blue Bloods officially ending after Season 14, says Tom Selleck. CBS statement sheds light on decision. Fans say goodbye to the iconic show."