1: "NCIS Curse: Heartbreaking Losses" - Discover the tragic fate that has befallen many beloved characters on the hit show.

2: "Remembering Fallen Heroes" - Reflect on the sacrifices made by characters such as Kate, Ziva, and Mike.

3: "Facing Unthinkable Tragedies" - Experience the emotional rollercoaster as Gibbs and his team battle loss after loss.

4: "Exploring the Impact" - Witness how each death has left a lasting impact on the team and viewers alike.

5: "Coping with Grief" - Join the characters as they navigate through the difficult process of grieving their fallen comrades.

6: "Seeking Justice and Closure" - Follow the team's relentless pursuit to bring those responsible to justice and find closure.

7: "NCIS Curse Continues" - Brace yourself for more heartbreak as new challenges and losses test the team's strength.

8: "Growth Through Adversity" - Find hope in the team's resilience and ability to grow stronger in the face of tragedy.

9: "The Legacy Lives On" - Celebrate the memories of those lost as their legacy continues to inspire and guide the team forward.