1: 1. Classic Lemon Martini - The perfect blend of vodka, lemon juice, and simple syrup. 2. Spicy Lemon Martini - Add a kick with chili-infused vodka and a splash of hot sauce.

2: 3. Blueberry Lemon Martini - A sweet twist with muddled blueberries and fresh lemon. 4. Lavender Lemon Martini - A floral delight with lavender-infused vodka and elderflower liqueur.

3: 5. Ginger Lemon Martini - A zesty combination with ginger-infused vodka and a hint of honey. 6. Strawberry Basil Lemon Martini - A refreshing mix with muddled strawberries and fresh basil.

4: 7. Coconut Lemon Martini - A tropical treat with coconut cream and coconut vodka. 8. Cucumber Mint Lemon Martini - A cool and refreshing option with muddled cucumber and mint.

5: 9. Blood Orange Lemon Martini - A tangy twist with blood orange juice and orange liqueur. 10. Pineapple Jalapeno Lemon Martini - A spicy-sweet concoction with pineapple juice and jalapeno-infused vodka.

6: 11. Blackberry Sage Lemon Martini - A herbal infusion with blackberry puree and fresh sage. 12. Espresso Lemon Martini - A bold option with espresso vodka and a coffee liqueur float.

7: 13. Raspberry Rose Lemon Martini - A romantic mix with raspberry liqueur and rose water. 14. Honey Thyme Lemon Martini - A sweet and savory blend with honey syrup and fresh thyme.

8: 15. Peach Basil Lemon Martini - A summery sip with peach schnapps and muddled basil. 16. Green Tea Lemon Martini - A refreshing option with green tea vodka and a splash of lemonade.

9: 17. Pomegranate Ginger Lemon Martini - A fruity and spicy combination with pomegranate juice and ginger syrup. 18. Pear Cardamom Lemon Martini - A warm and aromatic twist with pear vodka and cardamom bitters. These 18 Lemon Martini variations will surely elevate your cocktail game!